Upcoming Stand Up Dates

August 13th - 9:30PM Burbank Comedy Festival
August 14th - 7:30PM Burbank Comedy Festival
August 18th - 11PM Burbank Comedy Festival
September 7th - 7:30PM Boston Comedy Arts Festival
September 8th - 9PM Boston Comedy Arts Festival

Watch Some Videos

Stand Up at Flappers 8/18/16
Stand Up at Flappers 8/15/16
Stand Up at Flappers
100 Dollar Dilemma - UCB Los Angeles
Eerie Edgar and Josh - Blacklight
The Unfortunate Story of a Lost Soul 2
Chet Lightning: Cardboard Coffin
Sticking with Resolutions
Kipp McBride: Chopper Dodging Super Spy
Kipp McBride: Runaway McBride
Kipp McBride: Blind Leading McBride
Spring Flicks 2010: Shoes
Letters From November: Soda
Kid Meets Cougar - It's All In Your Head
The One Ring
David After Dentist Audition
Bomb Scare
Rejected Anti-Drug Commercial
The Monkey Within
Hunt of Crock